Replacement Silo Lid

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The top of this silo was nearly rusted through in spots and the baghouse was not functioning very well in addition to the poor shape of the railings. It was decided to replace theentire top of the silo. The lid was fabricated on the ground with new railing, flange for new baghouse and and access hole in the centre. For installation, the new lid was made two inches smaller than the old one and a four inch flange of the old top was left for it to rest on. This flange was inspected and found to be in good condition prior to installation. The old lid and baghouse were cut away in pieces and the new lid was lowered inside the old railings. After tack welding the new lid in place the old ralings were removed and the new bag house was installed. The lid was then welded solidly to the silo completing installation.

YouTube Video - silo top before insallation

Handbrake for Tarp Roller

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A handbrake to allow the controlled unraveling of a long (+50ft) tarp. The brake uses a multistage mechanism to reduce over a foot of handle movement into a fraction of an inch. A light pull on the lever translates into several hundred pounds of clamping force at the brake disk.

Wall Mounted Tarp Folder

A wall mounted tarping system to speed tarping and untarping of concrete forms. The bay this system is in is not tall enough to allow all the forms to be covered with a single piece tarp, so the tarp must fold itself in half as it is raised. This folding action is achieved by cables running over wheels at the base and at the folding knuckle in the centre. As the tarp is lowered tension in the cable is increased and the outer tarp segment extends. As the tarp is raised tension is decreased an the outer segment retracts. A single cable running to each arm is all that is needed to support and actuate the whole system. 

YouTube Video

Washout Pit Guard

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A guard to stop a front end loader from intruding into the walking/working area near a washout pit.

Forklift Picking Bar

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A picking bar for a forklift that allows it to move yard trailers and securely lift using chains or slings on the front latch.

Float Bracket

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A braket for with electrical cord cleats attaching and adjusting effluent pump floats.

Oil Catch Basin

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An basin to catch and collect spilled oil with covered access to sump area. Designed to be buried with front lip at ground level, and back lip against walls.

Magnetic Drill Dolly

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A dolly modified to carry a magnetic drill. It features an electrical cord cleat and top tray for bits or accessories. The tab over the drill's carry handle and the tab over the chuck work together and prevent the drill from tipping forward out of dolly.

Safety Railing for Concrete Girders

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A rolling set of railings to allow workers to power wash and sandblast on top of precast concrete NU-girders (a type of concrete I-beam) without having to wear a fall arrest harness.

The unit is made of left and right railing/wheel assemblies linked together by a square tube at the front and back. Pins allow for assembly without tools and replacement of the two cross tubes allows the railings to accommodate any width of NU-girder. Large diameter polyurethane wheels with ball-bearings allow it to roll on the rough top surface of the girder with little force.