Cubic With Concrete, 2010

cubic with concrete 2010 photo 1   cubic with concrete 2010 photo 2  cubic with concrete 2010 photo 3

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"Cubic with Concrete" encompasses spaces without encapsulating it. The dull grey galvanized finish on the steel mimics in metal the dull grey finish of the cement. The traveling metal moves around the central column in a self-referential path, the concrete base rooting it with firm weight.

-Galvanized steel, concrete

From Fire and Forest, 2012

from fire and forest 2012

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Born from the destruction of a car on fire; the aluminum engine block melting onto gravel. The pieces waited seven years to be combined with walnut planks and light. The metal pieces were formed by the circumstantial troughs and divots of the gravel onto which the aluminum fell, their shapes determined without plan. The walnut was sawn and planed into tongue-and-groove rectangles - a wholly unnatural arrangement for wood. The artificial and natural combine in "From Fire and Forest" and together they glow.

-Aluminum, wood, LEDs

Fly, Crow, 2014

fly crow 2012 photo 1  fly crow 2012 photo 2
fly crow 2012 photo 3  fly crow 2012 photo 4

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"Fly, Crow" is now all that remains of a riveted tank built in the late 1940's. The natural form of a crow is juxtaposed against the stark industrial iron from which it is formed, clad in the scorched remains of the tank's original finish. A grey, galvanized post holds the crow above heat treated oak, both the base and the post retreating into the background, leaving the crow unchallenged in prominence.

-Riveted scrap steel, galvanized steel, oak

Turmoil, 2015

turmoil 2015

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Damaged, off cut or discarded steel arranged to highlight the unwanted form. The individual pieces exhibit their contrasting shapes yet create a unified whole that frames the space around it. The off-casts of industry - burnt, twisted, snapped and sawn.

 -Scrap steel, rebar

Ascension, 2016

ascension 2016 photo 1  ascension 2016 photo 2  ascension 2016 photo 3

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- From a base of hardened steel, chrome arms rise, fanning out to occupy their surroundings, standing resolute with each other. "Ascension" embodies both the immutable and the mobile; movement captured in steel. Finished in reflective chrome and matte black, textured nitrocarburizing, it demands space and attention.

- Steel, chrome plating, nitrocarburizing

Iron Fire, 2016

iron fire 2016 photo 1  iron fire 2016 photo 2  iron fire 2016 photo 3

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Unprotected rebar rusts in the air over a hearth of white concrete and perforated stainless steel. The coiled metal will be consumed, curling around itself, rising as the tendrils of a flame from the white concrete chevron. The iron fire will burn for centuries.

- Steel, stainless steel, concrete

Scrap with Gimbal, 2017

scrap with gimbal 2017 photo 1  scrap with gimbal 2017 photo 2
scrap with gimbal 2017 photo 3  scrap with gimbal 2017 photo 4

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The base of a scrapped pillar - rusted to wafer thinness, bearing years of paint - spins on ball bearings inside nickel plated frames. The square mounts turn at right angles to each other over the blonde oak base, displaying the post's remnants from all sides, giving unexpected life to decomposing steel.

- Steel, oak, nickel plated steel

Art Deco Style Bonsai Cage, 2017

art deco bonsai cage  art deco bonsai cage 2  art deco bonsai cage 3 
art deco bonsai cage 4  art deco bonsai cage 5

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A bonsai cage designed in an Art Deco style. On the front doors, the sunburst overwhelms the pyramid and on the back, the pyramid dominates while the two shapes balance each other on the sides. Diamonds form the top while the floor of the cage is a tiled palm frond pattern. A simple latch holds the doors closed.

Plague Bells, 2017

plague_bells_2017_01_thumb  plague_bells_2017_02_thumb

plague_bells_2017_03_thumb  plague_bells_2017_04

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Replicated from the 17th century plague bell in the Museum of London, rung by the collectors of the dead on thier rounds. This pair of bells ring with a piercing clank, the sound sorrowful and fleeting. "Bring out your dead!"

Statuettes for Awards and Commemerations

Winter Sports Statuettes, 2016 - Photo1
     -Stainless steel rebar

Statuette Presented at a Retirement, 2016 - Photo 1 Photo 2
     -Painted rebar

Statuette in Honor of Engineer Meiric Preece, 2016 - Photo 1 Youtube Video
     -Painted rebar

Achievement in Safety Awards, personal and department, 2016 - Photo 1
     -Stainless steel rebar